Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workin' It

Work has been going very well this week.  Of course collecting data is the easy part, analyzing it is a different story.  It should be interesting once I have 23 transcripts to look at.  So far I have really enjoyed both heading out into the field and working from RHSP headquarters.  I am definitely getting spoiled working from here though, who can argue with an open-air office?  (See bottom photo.)  The in-depth interviews should be wrapping up soon - next order of business: planning for patient focus groups.

One of the wards at the government health clinic in Kakuuto.

View from the back of a project vehicle as we drive from clinic to clinic.

With Dr. James Ssenkunja at the RHSP HIV clinic in Kyebe.

Hard at work in the banda - our open-air office.
Photo by Leigh Bernstein.

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