Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three of the Big Five

Theodore Roosevelt in Africa, 1909.  Edward Van Altena/Library of Congress. Via.
The phrase Big Five game was coined by white hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. The term is still used in most tourist and wildlife guides that discuss African wildlife safaris. The collection consists of lion, African elephant, Cape Buffalo, leopard and the rhinoceros. The members of the big five were chosen for the difficulty in hunting them and the degree of danger involved, rather than their size. [via]

Even though it is an antiquated hunting term (and we clearly are not hunters), it's still pretty cool to say "I've seen three of the Big Five!"  At Queen Elizabeth National Park last weekend we saw ...

1) Elephants

2) Cape buffalo


QENP is also home to leopards but they are exceedingly hard to see.   Rhinos are found in another part of the country all together - guess I won't get a photo op like TR any time soon.  But hey, I've seen three of the Big Five!

All photos - except the one of Teddy Roosevelt - by Oh MG.

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