Friday, June 17, 2011

Week in Review #20

We arrived home for lunch the other day to find this guy on the porch.  Later we jokingly asked if that was dinner and Teo, the manager of the guest house, simply said "Yes, chicken stew for dinner."  Quite a change from simply buying boneless, skinless chicken breast at the store - Michael Pollan would be proud.  Incidentally, the stew was quite delicious.

Chicken --> Dinner

In non-food news, earlier today we visited a rural health clinic in order to interview field staff about their experiences with the new clinic structure.  It's exciting to have the interview guide I developed being used to collect data.  So far I have conducted two in-depth interviews and the Qualitative Research Team has done another five, that means 12 more to go plus four focus groups.  For now though, I think we're all glad it's the weekend.  Tomorrow we are heading into Masaka to check out a rumored pool followed by an outing with our co-workers.  We're staying local until our big outing to Queen Elizabeth National Park next weekend.  Have a good one!

Government Health Clinic - Kibaale

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