Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jinja Highlights

A few more tidbits from our time in Jinja and the drive back.  We were only in town for one night and two days, but we fit a lot in!  All photos by Oh MG.

Below left, Leigh and I with Nile Specials - a Ugandan beer.  At right, the view overlooking the Nile while enjoying a pot of coffee.  Thumbs up to both Ugandan beer & coffee.

Boy and cow at a Jinja crossroads.

Pretty self-explanatory ... the Source of the 4,000 mile long Nile!

Climbing on a boat to literally go to the source of the Nile - where Lake Victoria meets the river.

Rachel, Elizabeth, and Leigh in front of the concerete marker indicating Mile Zero of the River Nile.

Tea plantations on the drive back from Jinja.

Photos from a stop at Ssezibwa Falls, a spiritual site where people leave offerings and consult traditional healers for advice and luck in marriage, childbearing, business deals, and harvests.

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for all the updates, Meg. Keep 'em coming.