Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dressmaker, Dressmaker, Make me a Dress

This morning I was in the field again with the Qualitative Research Team.  We traveled on a very bumpy road to the farthest clinic hub on the shores of Lake Victoria.  After arriving back in Kalisizo and meeting up with Elizabeth, Leigh, and Rachel, our co-worker Josephine took us into town for a visit to the dressmaker.  In a few weeks we'll have new dresses!

Getting fitted by Betty the dressmaker.

Selecting the perfect pattern - or in our case mixing and matching and asking if we could get the skirts shorter.  I choose a dress and everyone else went with separates.

The fabric choices.  I decided to order two things and went with black and white for a dress and the pattern on top for a skirt.

The dressmaking team fitting Rachel.  Photos of the finished products to follow in a couple of weeks.

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