Monday, June 6, 2011

My River Wild Moment

We ended last week with a bang by heading to Jinja early Friday morning to begin an epic white water rafting trip on the Nile.  I had heard about how crazy the rapids were, but nothing prepared me for actually being thrown from our raft and into class 5 rapid - this happened several times.  I pretty much referenced The River Wild the whole day - luckily our trip was not hijacked by a crazy Kevin Bacon and we made it out alive.  Our guide Nathan was an absolute rockstar as were the kayakers who followed each raft and were on hand to pluck us out of the water when we were unable to hold on to the boat when it tipped.  This outing ranks as one of the coolest and wildest things I've ever done.

Our boat consisted of our guide, me, Leigh, Rachel, another public health student we met while in Kampala, and two German brothers.  We went over seven rapids, four were class 5 and the other three were class 4.  In the middle of the trip we had stop and walk around a class 6 rapid.  Below is a fun sampling of our day - I am wearing a striped shirt and looking exhilarated/terrified most of the time.  All photos by Nile River Explorers.

Oh, everyone should Netflix this movie, it holds up!

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