Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Mburo National Park

We got up early on Saturday morning to head to Lake Mburo National Park.  This is a relatively quiet park, since tourists generally head to the larger ones like Queen Elizabeth, and it was fantastic to explore.  Visitors used to have more free reign over their where they went, but a few years ago someone was mauled by a offended water buffalo so you can't walk anywhere without an armed ranger.  Even though we did indeed see a water buffalo, we lived to tell the tale.  All photos by Oh MG.

Godfrey, our trusty tour guide, surveying the grasslands during our hike.  We literally just pulled over to the side of the road and started walking through the field.

Spotted while walking: ZEBRAS!  They aren't scared of humans and just stop eating and stare at you as you approach.  Mbruo is the only national park in Uganda that is home to zebras.

Hiking up a huge grassy hill.

The four of us at the top.  Please excuse the mom outfits.

View of the park from the top.  Using binoculars we were able to spot zebras and a herd of impalas.

Lake Mburo itself.  It was a cloudy day, not great for photos, but great for hiking.

At left, a trail made by a hippo when lumbering through the grass.  At right, an actual hippo wallowing in a marsh.

Two of the many warthogs we came across.  They are quite cute and have a tendency to run through tall grass with their tails straight up.

An impala.

A water buffalo.  After snapping this photo we quickly drove off since we didn't want to risk offending him.  Pretty badass.

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