Friday, November 18, 2011

Week in Review

Still from The Godfather, 1972 Paramount Pictures (been craving a viewing)
 Happy Friday! This weekend I'll be holed up with a paper on the drivers of global population growth (jealous, aren't you) and working a whole bunch. Luckily, just two days of school next week before a nice little break for Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday!!! JM's mom has requested I make spinach balls - fine with me as long as I get seconds of her famous oyster stuffing. Also, I'm still worked up from a run-in I had with fashion blogger royalty earlier today, will post about it next week. XO

Great design idea - here's how to enlarge and frame your own photo.

I heart Diane Keaton and her new book looks intriguing.

A lovely look at a new West Elm location.

This post: 1) got me coveting more Betsy & Iya jewelry; 2) made me want to visit Portland again soon; 3) reminded me how much I need an iPhone so I can use Instagram.

What a concept: cozy glam!

Tips for what to do if you forget someone's name.

A gorgeous light-filled home remodel - amazing!

JM made this for dinner earlier in the week - yum, yum, yum and super easy.

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