Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in Review

via Life Magazine

How is it almost mid-November?! Time is just speeding right by and before we know it will be Christmas. Seems like blogs have started their holiday gift guides - in the last few days this and this have cropped up. Whether you're holiday shopping yet or not, have a great weekend. We're hosting a Lonesome Dove viewing party - that's right all 6.5 hours in one sitting along with beer, whisky, and King Ranch Casserole. Woohoo for cowboys. Some fun links from the last two weeks ...

Ohhh, another site featuring real people's homes. (Yes, the actual site is in Russian, but the photos are awesome!)

Love this roundup of pretty fall things.

I just bought some cheap curtains from Ikea, but window films might have looked better. Will file under home improvement projects to do one day.

Seven recipes using my favorite veggie.

I love the idea of Christmas in the summer.

What do you think of this flooring? Too much?

I generally like to cook and not bake, but this bread sounds amazing!

Great wardrobe inspired by a great movie.

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