Friday, March 11, 2011

Week in Review #7

President Barack Obama practices passing a football with Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia in the Oval Office, March 7, 2011. Under Australian Football League rules, a player must hold the ball in front of them and punch it with a clenched fist in order to conduct a legal pass to another player. 
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Another tidbit: Elected in summer 2010, Julia Gillard (above) is the first female prime minister of Australia.

Funfetti for the home.

Love the set from The Kids are All Right.

Garance captures the still-fantastic Lee Radzwill.

I was surprised when I saw this Talbot's campaign too.  Really, Talbot's?

Green carpet fashion.

Chabon & Waldman to do an HBO show.

What your email domain says about you.

An awesome 1981 letter penned by Carl Sagan regarding admitting women to The Explorers Club.

Royal Weddings of yore.

Awesome old color photographs.

In case of emergency, who wakes the president?  (Also, interesting to know that it was JFK who instituted a permanent situation room in the White House.)

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