Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Public Health in Japan

Yesterday at school I went to a very interesting lecture about the public health implications of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant incidents in Japan.  It was a great way to gain perspective on some of the health issues that are not being covered by the mainstream media outlets.

While radiation exposure is indeed a risk for plant workers, for the general population common risks like securing food, water, and shelter are of more urgent concern - especially for vulnerable populations like children, those with chronic illnesses, and the elderly.  The speakers referenced Hurricane Katrina a great deal and emphasized that the longer it takes to re-settled affected populations and get people back to participating in social networks and communities, the longer the psychological and psychosocial effects of big disasters last.

On another note, Mrs. French over at Bliss put together a beautiful round-up of benefit prints that have been created for the relief effort.  Below are two of my favorites.
by DesignTwentySix

by Linda Yuki Nakanishi at Society6

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