Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brighten Things Up

Man oh man, I just wrote a terribly tough exam.  Didn't even finish, which is fine since I don't think I knew how to answer the last question anyway.

If nothing else, it was sunny in New York today!  It made me think about how much I miss natural light in our apartment.  I love brownstone living, but it gets a tad dark since we are on the ground floor and only have windows in the front and back of the house.  So, herewith, some lovely, sunny interiors ...

A foyer.
via SFGirlbyBay via Roger Davies
A dining area.
via Dos Family

A living room.
via You are the River

A bathroom.
via Sacramento Street via Convoy

A kitchen.
via The Selby
PS. This is from a home that has my absolute dream interior design - check it out!
I will find the perfect sunny bedroom and post it tomorrow.  XO

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