Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Scenes and Facts from the Road

Ice cream in a pretzel cone is just heavenly!

It's always good to have a word of the month.

Virginia was home to the most battles of the Civil War.  Visit Fredricksburg if you are ever in the market for Civil War bullets.

South Street Brewery is one of the few places to get food in Charlottesville after 10:00 PM (believe you me, we tried many a restaurant).

Check out Consignment House and Circa in Charlottesville for amazing vintage browsing.  More on my fabulous finds later.  Hello Barcelona chair.

The dumplings at Marco & Luca in Charlottesville were delicious.

The yellow paint in the dining room of Monticello was the first paint to utilize synthetic colors.  Additionally, Thomas Jefferson had a special closet above his bedroom for "off-season" clothing - it was well ventilated and let light in to combat moths (how very practical, Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous).

Thomas Jefferson was 6'2".

Virginia is the 5th largest wine producing region in the US.  I enjoyed a flight of Virginia wines along with a delicious dinner at Staunton Grocery.

Before heading back to DC, we stopped in an old rail station in Staunton, VA.

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