Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank Goodness for Hunter Wellies

Due to this horrendous weather NYC has been experiencing, I have been wearing the same thing for DAYS.  Literally.  My uniform: skinny black jeans, an over-sized plaid shirt of John's, and my Hunter Wellies.  Honestly though, what once seemed like a frivolous purchase is ($100 rain boots!?!?) is saving my life: I can walk through puddles up to my knees!  Thank you to Kate Moss for rocking them so prominently at the Glastonbury Festival in the summer of 2005.  How much more modern rocker chic can one get than that?

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  1. Megs - I think we were together in Michigan when you made this purchse -- am I right? They seem to be a city staple these snowy days! Good purchase. :)

  2. Mo - yes, we WERE together. But it was in Mendocino! Fun trip :)