Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mad Men Withdrawl

I have found myself thinking about Mad Men recently.  Though it sounds odd, I kind of miss the characters.

I've been wondering:  Where will season 5 pick back up - what year will it be, what type of social events will be happening?  What will happen to Betty - is it too late for her to break away from the social constructs of being a housewife?  Does she have compassion for anyone?  How will Don handle the onset of the late-1960s?  What will be Peggy's position at SCDP now that Megan is in the picture?  Will Joan's husband make it back?  What about her and Roger?  Will Sally Draper turn out okay?  How much will Don's trajectory mimic the real life Draper Daniels?  Will Megan be Don's Myra?  (See article below for more on the real-life inspiration.)  Sigh, we have to wait until July to find out.

For now, two good articles about Mad Men are:
Don & Betty's Paradise Lost, Vanity Fair, September 2009.
I Married a Man Man, Chicago Magazine, August 2009.

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