Friday, October 28, 2011

Week in Review

Via the Brick House Tumblr via Andrew Cloutier Blog

It feels great to have been back into blogging this week! I confess I've really missed it, but the first quarter of this semester has been absolutely crazy busy. One class just ended however and things will be a bit calmer for the next two weeks until I start picking up a bunch of holiday hours at one of my jobs. This weekend will consist of house cleaning, homeworking, trekking to the post office to pick up a package, and a stop at a Halloween party for which I don't really have a costume (JM is going to be Paul Bunyan).  The party's hostess has also requested that I make my famous spinach balls and bring them for an appetizer, so I'll be working on those Saturday evening.  Some things that have caught my eye recently ...

A pumpkin smoothie?

Love this gem via Swiss Miss.

I am all for art and natural births, but not so sure about this.

JM has already been to see it, but for now I'm checking out our friends Joe & Amy's house renovation here.

Woohoo, more NA chic.

Wouldn't you like to just drop everything and open an oyster truck?!

And once again, we were here, it was awesome.

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