Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy (Busy) Fall

Image by via You are the River via Desire to Inspire

Oh MG, where did September go?  The saddest part of the quick passage of last month is that I've been too busy to blog!  At least I'm not the only one.  Apparently Hilary is feeling it too and others are struggling with time management.  Alas, we're all busy.

So what have I been up to ... going to school, being a teaching assistant, hanging out over the the Annie's (and guest blogging over there), cooking a lot (thanks to this month's issue of Everyday Food from which I have made four meals in the last week), trying to exercise, and catching up on Boardwalk Empire.  I've also been too busy to read, which in my life is just plain wrong.  Maybe one day I'll get the chance to curl up with a book in a lovely room like the one above.  

Here's hoping October will calm down a little bit - and that it will stop being so damn humid in New York City and that all the mosquitos will die.  Happy Fall.  

Will be posting sporadically for now.

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