Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have You Heard the Story About the Guitar?

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By no means am I a big Sonic Youth fan, but I've always admired Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore from afar. I mean, come on, they are an awesome rock and roll couple. Or I guess I should say were. I was totes bummed to hear that they announced their separation last week. I have always loved the story about how the met and the first time they hung out.  Kim invited Thurston up to the place she was staying to see and play a guitar she was borrowing from someone, and Thurston happened to already know the guitar. Small musical world. As he once told it:
She seemed to really like me. I definitely liked her, but was scared, as always, to make a move. I was afraid to kiss her. We walked around a couple of times. One night, it got late and we were eating at Leshko’s, and I think she wanted me to ask her over. I only lived up the street. So we parted. She would take the subway, staying at gallery owner Anina Nosei’s place. Before she split, she actually touched my arm (!) and said, “See you later.”
She moved into a raw railway apartment on Eldridge Street, below Grand Street. The artist Dan
Graham lived upstairs and had acquired the place for her. She invited me over one evening and I played this beat-up guitar she had. I knew the guitar because it belonged to an associate of the Coachmen gang, who left it at Jenny Holzer’s loft, where Kim had stayed, and somehow it was passed on to her. All she had was the guitar and a foam-rubber cushion for sleeping. That night was the first time we kissed. [via]
I wonder what ever happened to that guitar.

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