Thursday, October 27, 2011

And a Wonderful Time Was Had by All

We could not have asked for better weather during our quick jaunt to the Bay Area.  On Saturday JM and I did the spectacular Land's End hike with my mom and my sister.  Next time you're in San Francisco and it is not terribly foggy I highly recommend checking it out.  We followed up our hike with both a picnic AND dim sum on Clement at one of my favorite places, Good Luck Dim Sum where no matter how much you order (it's one of those places where you just point at what you want) it's never over $13!  This time around I ordered about 30 various pieces of dim sum and it was $12.50. Already looking forward to my December trip back to Cali. 

The trail head.

Admiring the view.

The remains of Sutro Baths.

Golden Gate Bridge is far away and on the right.

Photos by Oh MG.

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