Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review #16

Via Miss Moss via Shorpy
BUSY WEEK.  I have literally been to every chain store in NYC comparison shopping for the supplies I need for my big trip.  The pile of items I am going to attempt to pack keeps getting bigger and bigger so I bought a vacuum packer to minimize the amount of space clothing takes in my suitcase.  Also, I got a dress for my cousin's wedding next week :)  Have a great weekend!

Love this oversized tie-dyed scarf.

Next week I will try to make this pomegranate frozen yogurt.

A funny list of hipster baby names.

Wowza, awesome Denmark country house.

Jennifer Lawrence does Letterman - mentions The Hunger Games.  See also, first look at Katniss.

I should probably have an iPad before coveting iPad accessories, but this is funny.

A Draper!?  Nope, not a Don Draper.

Oh me, oh my ... True Blood is no longer a draw for me, but this guy is.

Lovely day for a picnic.

Consumer slice index.

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