Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week in Review #15

Still from the miniseries Lonesome Dove.  Credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images
Sorry the Week in Review is a little late ... let's get to it.  Hope you are already enjoying a fantastic weekend.

A really awesome before & after.

Precursor to The Sartorialist.

Anyone in the market for a very special sweater?

They seem like a very lovely couple.

Hunger Games casting switch.  Darn, I really thought John C. Reilly would have been good.  Plus.

In case you are looking for sad books.  I have only read on the list and I'll admit, it was so sad I didn't sleep well for a few nights.

The way they were.

Some more photoshopping.

I would really like to visit the Oregon coast one day.

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