Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank goodness ... now can you come to Brooklyn?

It is a sad truth that there is only once place to get a good burrito in New York City - that's Dos Torros and it hasn't even been around for that long.  The other day I was forced into Chipotle just to sustain my craving for a burrito-like food item (Dos Torros was on the other side of town).  Last winter when I arrived home for the holidays my first request was a stop at Gordo on College Avenue.  All this to say, I am SO GLAD Dos Torros - a taqueria created as an east coast homage to Gordo - is expanding to the West Village.  Now what about Brooklyn?  There are quite a few store fronts open on 7th Avenue.

From Eater late last week:

As was somewhat expectedDos Toros, a popular one and a half year-old sliver of a taco and burrito spot by Union Square, is expanding.
Reps reveal that the owners, brothers and San Francisco expats Leo and Oliver Kremer, will open a West Village branch of the shop on 11 Carmine Street on Tuesday, May 24. The original branch serves Bay Area style burritos along with some tacos, quesadillas, and larger plates and is a favorite of Mario Batali and Mexican fiends in the area. Bonus: Per PR, "they have a new braising pan that will be making their carnitas more caramelized and succulent."

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