Friday, March 9, 2012

Week in Review, 3/9/12

Photo by Nathaniel Goldberg for GQ
Don't worry, I'm just drooling over this photo shoot of Tim Riggins (I mean Taylor Kitsch) styled as James Dean for GQ. They're pretty to die for and it makes we want to go back and watch FNL all over again (however it still doesn't make me want to see the new action film he's in). Anyway ... once again the weekend is chock full of plans (mostly revolving around eating and drinking). Also starting on Sunday I actually have to write my thesis, meaning really do it, really. Procrastination has been the name of the game all semester long. Happy weekend, herewith some links...

T-minus two and a half weeks until MAD MEN RETURNS. In case you want to do an Mad Men eating tour of Manhattan, check out this map.

Hopefully I'll find myself a fancy new job when I graduate at which point I'll need one of these power suits.

Here's an important but not surprising (and very timely) fact.

Not like I need another pair of flats but these are soooooo cute.

I've been here for brunch, but now I want to go for dinner.

The awesome Jane Hotel.

I wish I was cool enough to surf and hang out in Tasmania.

Been hearing a lot about Sharon van Etten and she's playing this awesome festival.

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