Thursday, March 8, 2012


Original movie poster, Help! 1965, Walter Shenson Films
The other night I needed something absolutely mindless to watch after a long day at school and I picked the 1965 Beatles film Help! Yes, it has a ludicrous plot, features a totally not politically correct Oriental tribe who participates in blood sacrifice, and is full of poorly written puns. BUT it also has some of my favorite Beatles songs and basically consists of the Beatles romping all over the world - from their super cool London flat to Stonehenge, the Bahamas, the Swiss alps, and even Buckingham Palace.

Need a plot refresher? Ringo gets sent a mysterious ring in the mail and puts it on. Turns out it's a sacrificial ring of the aforementioned "Eastern" tribe and who ever wears it must be killed. Unfortunately, Ringo can't get the ring off, and the lads must enlist the help of Scotland Yard as the flee both the tribe and a pair of nutty scientists who believe the ring will give them world domination. It's a real delight! 

If nothing else, check out the great rendition of "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." Note how depressed Ringo looks because of the whole ring/sacrifice situation.

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