Friday, March 2, 2012

Week in Review, 3/2/12

Via Elizabeth's Pinterest via 9Gag

While I'm at the library both Saturday & Sunday, I'll try to stay calm by thinking about the lovely image above. I really can't complain since I have tons to look forward to in the coming weeks (weekend trips, lovely meals), but for this weekend I'll have to buckle down and handle some major school projects. Have a great weekend and enjoy some fun links ...

L Magazine announced its Brooklyn Bar Awards. Seems I'm not very cool - I haven't been to very many of them!

In honor of the Top Chef finale this week, I wish could go to this knife skills class on Wednesday. You get to keep the knife and practice on a whole chicken and whole fish!

An ode to vinegar.

Looking for wall decor? Love these large format prints.

A gorgeous Prospect Heights remodel.

Best and worst of the Oscars according to the Fug girls.

I love to read about chefs' favorite cookbooks. Unfortunately, it makes me want to buy more cookbooks or spend an entire day at Omnivore Books.

The Best Animated Short film is all about books!

Fred & Carrie of Portlandia share their favorite spots in San Francisco.


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  1. This pic reminds me of just how wonderful it was to veg out on the Amalfi coast...sigh.