Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review - 2/3/2012

Via Design Scouting via a Pin (of course)

Woot, it is finally Friday! Lots to look forward to this weekend - finally seeing The Artist(!), hanging with lots of friends, a few good meals, sleeping in at least one day ... everything a weekend should be. Drumroll please ... some great posts from this week:

fab list of the good and bad aspects of being an American in Paris. Obvs more good than bad! No yoga pants in public!

Oh my, Hilary's reading list puts me to shame - love the idea chronicling what you read, watch, and listen to!

Kennedy Compound donated to the EMK Institute.

Ahhhmazing video of Yosemite - it'll make you want to go right now!

Beautiful vintage photo from The Sartorialist. Doesn't the setting remind you of the Italian house where Michael went to live in The Godfather?

Very fun art installation.

Great slideshow of Michelle Williams' fashion evolution - maybe the early 2000s were just bad for everyone?

McGill is better and cheaper than Duke.

The Brooklyn of old had farms.

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