Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Insane Week

Why is it the short weeks are often the craziest? In lieu of an actual post I'll share a slew of things I've had starred in my Google Reader over the past few days. Don't worry though - they're awesome things.

Like this little nugget of info via Eater. How much more genius can the Momofuku guys get? They will deliver a date night party pack - crack pie, beer?!?!
From the official Momofuku Milk Bar Twitter account: "Brooklynites, Williamsburg milk bar delivers!! Check out the menu and get to ordering!" The delivery menu includes a date night party pack, which is two pork or veggie buns, two slices of crack pie, and six beers for $32.

Oh and this, now that Downton is done my Sundays are free for the return of Mad Men - it hasn't been on since Fall 2010!!!

And no big deal, Michelle Williams just hanging out with Lady Mary. But ick, why does insufferable younger sister Lady Edith (far left) have to be there too? 
via PopSugar
Lastly, some more DA fun via Sarah B. - trading cards!

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