Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They're Ready!

Yesterday we went to pick up our new dresses!

We were so pleased with the finished products that we promptly commissioned more.  African prints are quite in after all.  Look at this dress Anthropologie is trying to sell for $138 - the fabric is from Rwanda!  I ordered a skirt and two dresses to be made in a more western style.  Betty, the dressmaker, kept laughing about how short we wanted the skirts.  Below left, Elizabeth & Betty check out various patterns.  Right, Betty & I work with Leigh to determine an appropriate skirt length - check out all the kids looking in the window, we caused quite a stir in town!

Here we are with some of the fabric we have bought so far ...

Note, locals have repeatedly made fun of me for purchasing the fabric on the left.  Apparently it is used to make children's school uniforms.  I say gingham is gingham and it's cute!

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  1. oh love love love. i can't wait to see your new wardrobe!