Monday, July 25, 2011

Return to Jinja

We are back from our last weekend trip of the summer!  On Friday we packed it up and headed north to Jinja (it was the first time we had been in the northern hemisphere since June 7th) with our co-workers Anthony, Herbert, and Moses.  We were once again happy to stay at the Nile River Explorers Campsite with its stunning views of the river, open-air showers, and safari tents.  This weekend the campsite also happened to be full of drunken Brits who partied late into the night, but we were having so much fun it didn't matter.

On Saturday, Rachel, Leigh, and I went white water rafting again.  This time around we brought our co-worker Anthony who was born and raised in Uganda but had never been on the river before.  A wild time was had by all - photos to come later this week.

Our weekend crew at the campsite.

The safari tents, or as Elizabeth termed them "Harry Potter tents," that we stayed in.  It's awesome to wake up to the sound of the Nile rushing by.

I know I've posted a very similar photo to this before, but I just can't get over Showers with a View!  They are ice cold, but so worth it!

On Sunday another adventure was embarked upon ... hint below.  I did not partake of said adventure, but I cheered very loudly from the viewing deck.

Photos by Oh MG.

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