Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Was Interesting ...

After spotting this t-shirt a few weeks ago, our stock response to basically every question asked is "it was interesting."  It kind of works, because things have indeed been interesting in Uganda - fishermen and all.

When I grabbed the the interesting photo over at Rachel's blog, I realized I should feature some of the awesome photos she has taken lately.  The bad news of the summer is that Rachel's original camera broke three weeks into the trip.  The good news is that she was able to order a super cool new one with an amazing zoom and have it brought to Uganda by a visiting researcher.  Below, some shots from Rwanda.

THE GORILLAS!  Even though I didn't go on this excursion (in favor of this little trip), I basically feel like I did because of these amazing photos.  Yes, they were just chilling with a family of gorillas, moms, dads, twin babies!

Hey gorilla friend.

View of fields.

The outskirts of Kigali.

All photos by Rachel Gruver.

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