Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Review

F. Scott & Scottie, via SFGirlbyBay's Pinterest, via Lists of Note

Speaking of F. Scott Fitzgerald, did you see Midnight in Paris? So good! Anyway, another Friday is upon us (thank goodness). HAPPY WEEKEND! My goals: have a fabulous dinner tonight with Sarah & Liz (more on that next week), get lots of sleep, see at least one Oscar nominated movie, vacuum the house.  I know, exciting.

Ferris Bueller fans, Oh MG, what is this!!?!?!

The trials of NYC restaurant reservations.

I love the logo from Alt. Yes, love what you do!

From a few weeks ago, but Coco Chanel's apartment!

Sundance portraits - so many more movies to see.

I too would like a mini-bar.

Gorgeous Brooklyn apartment designed by Nightwood.

I've been here!

Dos Family's Everyday Picture Tour is awesome. Going to submit one soon - just keep forgetting to take one :)

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