Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week in Review

Via Absolutely Beautiful Things, via My Notting Hill
It is snowing in New York! Basically it's the first snow of the season aside from that freak day in October. Nothing planned except Downton Abbey. Yesterday was joyous, I went to see the super interesting and inspiring film Sing Your Song. It's a must-see! What I found most exciting is that Harry Belefonte has been involved countless social movements throughout his life, but at 85 he is still incredibly active and still organizing. A few links from around town ...

DIY ... salt!

Hello pretzel, pork, & chive dumplings ... can't wait to try Talde.

Amazing olive dish.

Among other Swedish things I like, Hej notecards!

If you like a good mystery.

A gorgeous California home.

If you live in Chicago, hit up the Lulu Lemon warehouse sale!!!

More hats for the winter - love the one Sienna is wearing on the first slide.

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