Monday, August 1, 2011

Uganda Coverage

With some friends - can't get enough of the one in the Mickey Mouse sweater.  And yes, my skirt matches their uniforms.  Photo by R. Gruver.
Lots of Uganda coverage in The New York Times this weekend. First, a very interesting article about maternal mortality and the third delay. While sobering, the issues discussed do not come as a surprise given all we’ve seen and learned while here this summer (especially the tour of Mulago Hospital's maternity ward!).  I was particularly struck by the statement that, “Poor people surged into Uganda’s public health system when the government abolished patient fees a decade ago. Increasingly, African countries are adopting similar policies, and experts say that many more people are getting care as a result. But Uganda’s experience illustrates the limits of that care when a system is poorly managed and lacks the resources to deliver decent services, experts say.”  Really makes you think about what a functioning system should look like - it has to have staff and resources for one!  Ironic that this article should come so shortly after the coverage of Sierra Leone's recent switch to fee-free deliveries.

Second, an article about the Ugandan Little League team that unfortunately will not be able to participate in the World Series this year. In many ways, the issues of not having formal birth certificates and young people not being raised by their parents directly relate to having a safe delivery, whether in a hospital or not. Hope they have a chance to qualify again next year!

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