Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making the Rounds

Ahh, it is our last week at the Rakai Health Sciences Program!  On Tuesday morning we made our final set of presentations on our research projects, and since then we've been making the rounds saying good-bye to our friends and finishing things up here in Kalisizo. We've also been attempting to pack which is proving quite difficult - we have slowly accumulated more than we realized over the last ten weeks. Tomorrow I have some final data analysis to do during the day and then a small going away party is being hosted for us in the evening.

Below, Rachel and I pose with Ambrose, RHSP's Director of Transport & Training, after giving him some small thank you gifts for being so wonderful this summer.  One of the gifts was a a NYC taxi pin which he immediately affixed to his lapel and showed off to his colleagues.  

Perhaps most importantly we have been settling up with our dressmakers.  Teo, the manager of the guest house where we stay, has kindly accompanied us to one of the dress shops over the last few weeks acting as translator and stylist for us.  Here she and Leigh make sure all our orders have been filled.

For fun, we've also tried on some traditional headwear.

And lastly, we've fit in some final evening runs through the neighborhood.  Even if I manage to keep up this habit back home, I'll miss running along the dirt road in front of our house dodging cars, motorcycles, and many children yelling "mzungu, mzungu!" as well as the occasional herd of cows and goats.

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