Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oscar Hopes

The Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday!  As an enthusiastic award show viewer since I was young, I can't wait for the show February 27th.  This year I am particularly rooting for two fabulous females.

Michelle Williams for Best Actress.  Even though I was not a huge fan of Blue Valentine as a movie (didn't find the central relationship compelling), I thought Michelle's acting was off the charts.  I've been a fan since Dawson's Creek, I love her style, and hope to spot her around Brooklyn one of these days.  Also having seen Black Swan, I think Michelle showed more range in Blue Valentine than Natalie Portman in BS ... I'm just saying.
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Hailee Steinfeld for Best Supporting Actress.  Okay, I love the Old West, especially stories of women in the Old West, and as a result True Grit is one of my favorite films of late.  Hailee completely brought the no-nonsense heroine Mattie Ross to life and she beat out 15,000 other young women to do so.
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