Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week in Review #31

Twin Peaks opening credits. ABC, 1990-1991.

Wow, what a first week back.  In the last ten days I've started school and two new jobs, had exciting reunions with all of my friends, unpacked, and even restocked the house with groceries.  Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to dropping off laundry.  That means I still have laundry from Africa.  Gotta get on that this week.  Perhaps most newsworthy is the discovery of brunch at Bondi Road on the Lower East Side.  It's $18 for endless mimosas, bloody marys, and greyhounds with your meal.  That pretty much was my Saturday.  The rest of today is dedicated to homework, and maybe if I'm lucky an episode of Twin Peaks before bed.  Seeing my friend Priya in Amsterdam inspired me to start the whole series over again.

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